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"A dark future is upon us, Chrom supporters. In the most recent newcomer trailer, all expectations were defied as Chrom was made into a Final Smash, and Lucina and Robin became playable. The leaker had let us down. Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch proved too strong for our hero. In the end, he fell. All the powers of Naga couldn't save him. This is all written.

But...anything can change!

With enough support, we can change this. Challenge this fate. Don't put any stock into this destiny hogwash. We are Chrom supporters, and we've dealt with many detractors. Now all it takes is to convince one more: Masahiro Sakurai. There is strength in numbers. The remorse and comradery in this community after Chrom's disconfirmation moved me. It is truly the invisible ties forged between us that can change fate's course. Come, my Shepherds, and rally your strength. We have a new path to trek: the path of kings, not conquerors. We shall not demand, cry, or give up. Instead, we shall act with passion and intelligence. We can start a movement. A movement to make Chrom a downloadable, post-release character for Super Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS.

The battle won't be easy, but I wish to gather the strength of the shepherds in this dark time. It takes your help to make this happen. I can't go it alone. Like Chrom, I will need an army at my side. I need people to spread this and increase our numbers, and reach out to members of the community and beyond. Spread the word of the Lord. Take it everywhere. Make art, make music, do whatever you can. I am in the process of creating an official twitter, website, and video, and am in the process of sending this to Matthew Mercer for more momentum. Any other outreach would be appreciated.

All we would ask is that Chrom be DLC. It wouldn't be hard to change this, as a simple "Alfonzo scenario" would work. Just replace Chrom with Frederick in Robin's Final Smash. We get Chrom playable, and get to hear Frederick yell "Pick a God and Pray!"

There are move set options, which the site will detail when it goes live. This would further convince some that Chrom can be his own character.

The time is now. Waiting will only set this future in stone. Message me if you would like to help. Remember, folks: Anything Can Change. Now let's get Chrom where he belongs.

Your resident Chrom fan,

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